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Resell your vehicles faster by bringing more transparency to your customers.

Once the report has been completed, our AI will take care of outlining your vehicle, modifying the background, creating a 3D visualization, and offering you an optimized description for a quick and professional sale.


How it works ?

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Step 1

Take the guided photo/video journey

Step 2

Our AI takes care of cropping your photos and changing the background.

Step 3

Our AI generates a 3D model, a 360 vision of the vehicle and much more...

Step 4

Our AI automatically generates optimized ad descriptions for your vehicles, to maximize their visibility and attractiveness.

Step 5

All you have to do is post your ad online

Why use Carviz ?

3x more transparency

with our reports

99% Cheaper than a photo studio

With just a smartphone, you can take professional quality photos.

-15 days in the rotation of your stocks

Thanks to our inspection reports, you sell your vehicles faster.