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All-in-one platform

Manage all aspects in one platform

All-in-one platform

Simplify your tasks thanks to our all-in-one platform

Our integrated automotive management software offers a complete solution for the efficient management of your trade-ins, your stock, your sales, your publications, the management of your team and the management of your activity. Our main objective is to support you in the optimal structuring of your business, by boosting your NV/UV activity and maximizing your profit margins.


Our features

Inventory management
Client file management
Complete UV management
Multicast media
Real-time comparator works
DMS interfacing
Concession & Team management
Inventory management

Why use Carviz ?

€375 saved per vehicle

with our solution

45 min Saved per vehicle

Our solution saves you 45 minutes per vehicle. Thanks to our solution, you can inspect 3 vehicles in 1 hour.

98% Accuracy

Our AIs detect damage, anormal engine noises and retrieve vehicle administration, etc.