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Our Artificial Intelligences

All our currently available AIs and those in preparation.

Car & Position Analyser

Tools allowing the detection of the car as well as its position.

Car Segmentation

Tool to perfectly segment the car

Car Parts Segmentation

Tool to segment a vehicle with its multiple parts

Car Parts Decomposition

Tool for decomposing a part of the vehicle into components

Quality Improver

Tool to improve the quality of an image

Image Backgrounding

Tool to replace the background of images containing vehicles

License Plate Replacer

Tool for covering a license plate with a logo

Video Onboarding

Tool to illustrate in real time the progress of the inspection of a vehicle

Engine Fault Sound Detection

Tool to detect internal engine damage from the sound of the engine

Tire Wear Detection

Tool for detecting tire wear

Car Parts Recognition

Tool to give a name to each part of your vehicle.

Plate and Document Reader

Tool for reading license plates and documents

360 Viewer & Hotspoter

Tool to visualize a vehicle with points of interest

3D Car Generation

Tool to generate a 3D model in the state of your vehicle

Damage Detection

Tool for detecting damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle

Car Severity Estimation

Tool to assign a severity to a damage

Car Reparation Pricing

Tool allowing to give the price of repairing a damage

Car Pricing

Tool to estimate the price of a vehicle in real time according to many criteria